Hidemi’s Rambling by Hidemi Woods

Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Overflowing Endless Whys hr651

on February 18, 2022
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I had constantly troubled my parents by asking reasons for about everything in the world when I was little.
“Why did that person say that?”
“Why does this go this way?”
Too many things in the world didn’t seem reasonable to me. Among them, the reason for people’s behavior was chiefly mysterious. My parents had been fed up with my unstoppable assault of questions and their answers had become stuck to “You’ll understand when you grow up.”
Now I’m grown-up, and yet I still don’t understand anything.

Why do many shoppers choose a list-price package on the shelf right next to ones with half-price stickers?
Why do they come to the supermarket without bringing their shopping bags but pay additionally for harmful plastic bags instead?
Why is driving a luxury car by paying outrageously a status symbol while accidents and natural disasters caused by environmental destruction kill people?
Why do people throw away clothes that are still wearable?
Why do people replace appliances that are perfectly working to new ones?
Why do people leave and discard food or drink that they pay for or order by themselves?

Why do I bring travel amenities like toothbrushes or combs from the hotel to my home where they have been stored in cardboard boxes to the amount of what I would never use them all up before I die?
Why don’t I feel like throwing away old receipts and tattered socks?
Why can’t I get up in the morning like most people do?
Why do I have every night dreams that are too vivid to distinguish from reality?
Why do I do everything slower than others although I do it in a great hurry each time with trembling hands?
Why do I always button my shirt one hole down?
Why don’t I have friends?
Why have I felt an urge to wash my hands each and every time when I touch something since long before the pandemic?
Why has the government kept giving so much money since the pandemic?

Why do people keep getting married while marriage doesn’t make them happy?
Why do people have children who consume their money and aspirations?

Why did my mother lie to the doctor that she hurt her arm when she tried to get something heavy from the top shelf and it fell on her although in truth her injury was inflicted by a chair that my sister had thrown at her?
Why did my father suddenly send me a letter in which he lashed out at me severely and at the same time, enclose some money for me?
Why did my parents do so many terrible things to me who was their own child?

Why don’t I stop wondering why? It would be easy and at peace if I could swallow everything and accept it simply as the way it is.


9 responses to “Overflowing Endless Whys hr651

  1. I lived in Yokohama for two years nearly 2 decades ago. There were so many whys then that have lost their meaning today….

  2. cat9984 says:

    Most of those are excellent questions with unknowable answers.

  3. Hidemi Woods says:

    It’s amazing that I can share feelings with you even about my genuine questions. I’m so glad to have come across someone like you. Thanks for your comment, always!

  4. Good questions, and I don’t know the answers. Except, for what it’s worth, all those little travel amenities can be put into nice g6 inoody bags for the homeless, or just be given to the homeless shelters.

  5. Jaya says:

    I think some questions like why we hoard are resolved with time – as I grow older I am decluttering more. Things that seemed precious for decades have become just things to be given away or discarded, not to be left behind for my daughter to deal with.
    Then there is the ego, the fear of being considered different/ inferior/ stingy. Some have psychological problems. And some people are just plain inconsiderate – of others and of the earth.
    Your post has certainly provided food for thought!

    • Hidemi Woods says:

      Thank you for a comment. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve thought time is the best healer so often lately. As I myself grow older, getting old isn’t so bad now that I began to realize what you wrote in your comment. Thank you really, again.

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