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Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Bear Attacks hr636

on November 14, 2020

A black shape of a bear is drawn on a yellow background with big capital letters of ‘Beware of Bears!’. That is a poster I see everyday out of my apartment window lately. Not just one. It’s on the fence along a stream and at the little bridge over it so that I spot it everywhere sitting at my table. It has multiplied rapidly this year. On a bench at the nearby park, on the public bathroom wall in my neighborhood, at scattered vacant lots, the posters are rampant here and there that I’d never seen before in my town. Those are not just for warning. Those indicate the spots where bear’s foot prints were left or a bear was actually witnessed. From morning till night, patrol cars with loudspeakers drive around blaring out “Bears are spotted! Be careful when going out!” all day long. The car stops on the little bridge beneath my window and sets off firecrackers to scare off bears. Some members of the local hunting association fired blank shots there. It’s said that the reason why bears come down to a residential area from the mountains so often has to do with the climate change that causes a shortage of food for them.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

About ten years have passed since I moved in this snowy town enclosed by the mountains. It’s been warmer and snowed less year after year compared to when I began to live here. That has helped make my winter days easier that I used to suffer from claustrophobia by the deep snow coverage.
Added to the climate change that affects my daily life, I also sense my own mind changes. I had feared if a monotonous country life rusted me away when I decided to move in here. It didn’t happen. Rather, the quiet life increased my concentration and contributed more productivity for my lifework than the time when I lived in the metropolitan area. I have a serener mindset than before and it gives me more understanding toward myself and the world I live in.
Recently, people have stayed home and worked remotely in Japan too. They have left big cities and moved to rural areas. More and more people from Tokyo have moved into my small town that I had expected nothing but to become desolate every year. There are many unfamiliar new residents in the apartment building where I live. The building used to look like a ghost house with dark windows, but it has almost no available room now. I had never imagined that would happen mere one year before. The unthinkable things occurred at the unthinkable speed. In this trend, we can’t tell what happens next. In three years, bears might be chasing after me. Not bears but people might start chasing people and killing each other. Or human race might extinct because of viruses. There might be days of a panic, or moments of danger for life. Even so, it could turn to be better. These unprecedented years have shown how much human imagination is limited. I myself have learned that a superficially dire thing can turn out to be a good thing in the end. Besides, I saw unthinkable things happen, so why not unthinkably good ones? I believe they could happen as well. They should.


16 responses to “Bear Attacks hr636

  1. ourcrossings says:

    Moving away from Dublin and settling on Irelands West coast was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made. We grew to love the quiet life and can’t imagine living any other way.
    Instead of bears, we have plenty of sheep and occasional hare. Would love to see such majestic animals as bears one day in person 😊 thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • Hidemi Woods says:

      Sheep and hare sounds so Ireland-like to me. I’ve seen a herd of monkeys and occasionally a kind of otter here. As long as they don’t attack, it’s nice to have a life close to animals, isn’t it? Thank you for your comment, and you have a good day too!

  2. I’m sure you have a kotowaza for that, right? You guys have a kotowaza for everything. 😁

    • Hidemi Woods says:

      How do you know that? You’re right, we have a kotowaza for pretty much everything! I noticed we actually have one for this post, meaning ‘Good comes out of evil.’ Thanks for your comment!

  3. I have always found the country life to be much better for creativity. Away from city noise and distractions the mind can work much better.

  4. myplace3187 says:

    I really liked the truth of your blog about living in the country. I have lived in the country now for almost 13 years. I love the quiet as it does help with my creativity and my ability to write. Have a wonderful weekend !

    • Hidemi Woods says:

      Thank you for reading my blog and giving me a comment! You have lived in the country longer than I have, and you just tell me that really is of benefit to those who create something. I apologize for my belated reply, but I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Thanks again!

      • myplace3187 says:

        Thank you for the reply Hidemi Woods. Yes, country life is relaxing for sure. No rush, no traffic noises and no noisy crowds milling about. Have a wonderful week that is left.

  5. i want unthinkably good things to happen forever!!

  6. I loved this post. I think its the trend in many countries moving to a quieter place due to the pandemic. It seems people want and need nature. I read somewhere they are killing the bears that venture into towns in Hokkaido…I hope this is not true? Bears should be protected there. Glad you are happy where you are

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