Hidemi’s Rambling by Hidemi Woods

Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Hidemi’s Rambling No.453

on February 4, 2013
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***** 88th Planet Project *****


The tour package we chose included almost every meal in its fourteen-day itinerary. Our tour members had dinner together on the second night in London at a restaurant called Beefeater. It was a medieval-themed restaurant where servers were wearing medieval costumes and the dinner assumed as a banquet held by the king and the queen. Our tour guide appointed a king and a queen for the night in the members. I was chosen as a queen and sat beside a king in front of other members, wearing a paper crown. The king our guide chose was a junior high school boy who traveled with his aunt. He seemed like a typical country boy with a rustic, somehow geeky look. I was flattered by being chosen as a queen at first, but pairing up with the geeky king, I wondered how I was looking to our tour guide. Every member in the tour enjoyed the dinner so much and laughed a lot while I gradually felt like they enjoyed and laughed at the comical king and queen. The meal was lavish although my appetite hadn’t come back yet. I was chagrined terribly at my lost appetite, as all I could manage was to have just a couple of bites. On the next morning, my mother’s patience had run out and she walked to the table of our tour members at breakfast. She asked why only bread, coffee and juice was served without the dish like egg or ham every morning, and we finally learned what a continental breakfast was. It appeared my family was the only one who didn’t know it among the party. As it turned out, I was the bumpkin queen who was more unsophisticated than the geeky king. We visited Windsor Castle that day and there was a small market with a few stands near the entrance. I found a cute, colorful cupcake at a handmade sweets stand and bought it. I had never seen a cupcake before. Carrying it in my bag, I left England that was packed with new discoveries for me…

RECOMMENDED songs ; Meet your favorite artists.


***** 88th Planet Project *****

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