Hidemi’s Rambling by Hidemi Woods

Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Hidemi’s Rambling No.337

on July 2, 2011

I don’t have an air conditioner in my new apartment. Looking at other rooms of the building from the outside, I see quite a few rooms without an air conditioner. Does that mean I can make do without it for the whole summer, I wonder? Surely a cool breeze often comes in from the window as the mountains and the woods surround the building. But it’s getting hotter day by day and I’ve wavered between whether I should get an air conditioner or not. When I lived in my old apartment near Tokyo, the air conditioner was already constantly on at this time of year. I would have died from a heat attack if the room hadn’t been air-conditioned in high summer there. An air conditioner has been a must-have item for me, but then again the temperature here is generally lower than the one in the Tokyo area. While air conditioning in my old place didn’t cost me a penny since the room originally equipped with it and the rent included the electricity bill, I need to buy it and pay for the bill here. This building is air-conditioned in the hall and the lobby and there’s a draft when I leave the door slightly open with the bolt on. Because I’m cheap, I’m still seeking the way to use the draft instead of installing an air conditioner…

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