Hidemi’s Rambling by Hidemi Woods

Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Hidemi’s Rambling No.165

Next to my apartment is a parking lot. A large noise of a car engine without a muffler woke me up early in the morning today. Sick people who enjoy driving a car without an engine muffler and with a booming car stereo are increasing here. I was able to go back to sleep but then the neighbor kids’ voice disturbed my sleep again. The window of my room looks out on the front yard of a neighbor’s house. Kids and idle housewives were playing and talking loudly. Kids are my archenemies. They relentlessly attack me with their evil, high-pitched voices and shrieks. When I first moved in here, there were few houses around. But soon, more and more houses were built, more families were moving in, and I got surrounded by kids. Every time I move somewhere quiet, the area quickly gets booming and kids are running everywhere destroying my cozy living environment. Now that I’ve decided to move, the destination should be someplace quiet, kids-free, bugs-free, and hopefully, people-free…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.164

This spring has been the strangest one so far. It came after the coldest winter in 50 years and repeated a sudden surge and drop in temperature. One day it’s hot like summer and the next day it returns to the bitter cold of winter. I’ve had my fair share of headaches thanks to that. I’m not the only one with a confused condition. A bug is, too. As I’ve mentioned here before, I have a strong phobia about bugs. My apartment is heavily armed by numerous bug repellers, such as electrical, herbal, you name it. The other day, it was very cold like winter, and yet, a bug appeared in my room, right next to an electrical bug repeller. Impossible. A couple of weeks earlier, a light switch of the bathroom got broken. Combined it with the inconceivable way of the bug’s appearance, I took them as signs to move out this apartment. The last time I moved was also when I found a bug and a light switch of the bathroom got broken. It was the best decision as the move turned my luck. I’ve started packing my stuff even though I have no idea where to move. I’ve got a lot of cheap stuff as a result of sale-hunting and have little time to pack, so it will take a long time to move, anyway…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.163

I happened to see some episodes of ‘Heroes’ Season 1 again, and recognized for the first time that Claire’s boyfriend was John Connor of ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. I’ve watched many episodes of both shows but hadn’t noticed it until now. Also, I found Summer of ‘The O.C.’ in ‘Heroes’ Season 1. When I was watching ‘Heroes’, I never knew it was Summer because I hadn’t seen ‘The O.C.’ yet then. In Japan, U.S. TV shows are selected to be broadcast too randomly that we can’t follow the order of production. Besides, the final season of my most favorite show, ‘LOST’, hasn’t even started here yet. Its premiere is at the end of May, so I still have to wait for a whole month although the story must be close to the finale in U.S. The time difference of TV shows between Japan and U.S. is staggering. I feel like I live the past as in episodes of ‘Terminator’…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.162

I record TV shows on a hard disk. TV shows consume large space of it and I have periodically added an external hard disk to my computer. The remaining space got close to 100 gigabytes, which meant that it was about time for me to add one more hard disk. I found one for 1.5 terabytes at the lowest price online, being sold as this particular weekend’s special. I knew the ports of my computer were all occupied and the same store also carried a hub at half price of the regularly lowest price as their 10th opening anniversary special. I got them thinking how lucky I was. They arrived on the next day and I never thought they came this quickly. I set them up to my computer within the day, tried recording, and every process went extremely smoothly without a hitch. I felt so excited at this series of events concerning my new hard disk. On the other hand, I still don’t have enough time to watch or edit the recorded shows. I can no longer remember the reason to keep recording…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.161

I reconsidered the ending of our new song as my partner had suggested. To me, it was just right as it was no matter how many times I listened to it. Therefore, the ending wasn’t changed. During the work, my partner noticed the volume of the bass drum was too low. I agreed on it and boosted it. Then, the bass guitar needed to be boosted accordingly. I thought the song was completed when the ending was settled, but now, I’m working for the mix down again. Could it be an endless loop or something?…

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