Hidemi’s Rambling by Hidemi Woods

Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Hidemi’s Rambling No.99

I worked on the chorus tracks of our new song today. It takes much more time and work than I planned. Adjusting the volume balances and setting the effectors, I needed to work so elaborately with my PC. When I was completely absorbed in numbers of the parameters, an error message appeared out of the blue and the PC shut down by itself. I screamed. I didn’t understand what had just happened. I thought the PC crashed and all the data of the new song were gone. My heart was pounding with fear and the next moment, the PC rebooted. Thankfully, everything was intact except for today’s work. It’s nothing compared to the dread of losing everything. I entered the numbers again and restored today’s work. What a scare! A computer is a scary thing, really…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.98

I edited TV shows and burned them on DVDs yesterday. As I’ve written here before, I like recording shows more than actually watching them. The most fun part for me is editing. It’s so bracing to remove impurities and store the pick of the shows to my taste by deleting commercials and unimportant scenes. Almost all of my collection is from US TV dramas, sitcoms, and Japanese variety shows. My DVDs contain the shows or the scenes strictly selected by me and considered worth saving. The volume is growing, but the content is mostly the scenes of a Japanese comedian who trips or falls over something, and the ones of a mascot, a space shuttle, and a Japanese bullet train…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.97

Last night, I had a nightmare. In it, I got up and found myself alone. I was a child still living living with my family in my hometown. My parents and my little sister came back from McDonald’s. They had breakfast there without me. I grabbed my mother’s arms and said, ‘Listen to me! Listen to me very carefully!! You must treat your kids equally! Whatever you do to my little sister, you should do the same to me! You can’t keep doing nice things only to her! Besides, how could you bring home nothing for me? It’s McDonald’s where you can get take-out!!’ But, no matter how hard I tried, my voice didn’t come out. I repeated those words very hard again and again but only my mouth was moving. In the end, I shouted at the top of my throat, and awoke from the dream. I’m still exhausted. I dream a lot every night. And this one is one of the repeated dreams. Although the details are different, I am ignored by my parents and left alone each time. I’m fed up with this kind of dream but I know I will soon have it again. When am I released from this…?

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.96

I bought groceries at an online supermarket yesterday. I like online shopping in general, and grocery shopping above all. Here, you spend $40 more and the shipping is free. My policy is to get an item at its lowest price among both physical and virtual stores, and looking around them and accumulating to $40 is like playing a game. Also, they throw in a freebie occasionally such as a magnet, a notepad, or a can of cocktail which I got for free yesterday. Hurray for technology! My shopping is done online more and more and the necessity of going out has become less. Combined with the cold of the winter, I have stayed indoors for days now. And today, I gained one pound…

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Hidemi’s Rambling No.95

Eight years ago today, I moved into this apartment. There are things that I like about it such as the utilities-included rent, the unique design, and the view. It has the flip side though. Every time the wind blows, TV is down. The roof is so thin that raindrops sound like the percussion. The walls are also thin and even subtle sounds I make trigger the neighbor’s banging. Those things keep me looking for a better place constantly. Each and every place has a flaw. Too dense, too rural. At least one side of the place borders the next-door neighbor. It seems that an ideal place for me to live in doesn’t exist. Well, to begin with, is there such thing as an ideal place to live in on this planet…?

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