Hidemi’s Rambling by Hidemi Woods

Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

Hidemi’s Rambling Nov 17, 2009

on November 17, 2009

Yesterday, I received a package from Amazon, which contained the complete season DVDs of ‘Seinfeld’. I ordered them online as I found a great sale for them. It cost only $15 each. In Japan, ‘Seinfeld’ isn’t on air and its DVDs are three times costly. It used to be on cable for a brief period of time, but was terminated because of unpopularity -Can you believe it? Anyway, for that reason, the deal is almost unreal for me as a ‘Seinfeld’ freak. I already have its DVDs up to the season 4 and I jumped at the sale to complete the whole seasons. To save money, I ordered by a standard international shipping that takes time. But Amazon sent part of my order by air for the quick service. I opened the package dancing with joy to have received them much faster than I had expected. But, that arrived part of order didn’t include the season 6. I will be able to watch the season 5 right away, but wait for the season 6 although I have the rest of the seasons at hand. According to Amazon, the other part of my order is going to arrive on December 29th. Japan is too far away…

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